Collection: Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella perfumes have five centuries of history and culture. "Acqua S.M Novella", was the first perfume developed in alcohol by Santa Maria Novella monks specially for Caterina de' Medici Queen of France. The colognes, essences and extracts reflect this combination of creativity and method developed over centuries by the monks. 

Preparation and maturing are the most important phases in the production of a perfume. Scrupulously following the formula, essences are mixed with alcohol and water, in a mixer. The perfume obtained reaches the storage containers through pipes and remains there for a month under nitrogen, at a controlled temperature. This is the time for the perfume to become refined and stable, achieving its best olfactory notes.

After maturing for a month, the perfume is piped to the bottling installation, where qualified personnel check the entire process. Every bottle is capped, sealed and packaged by hand.

Otilly and Lewis carry a range of perfumes, face creams, lip ointments and their famous Rose Water.

Santa Maria Novella