Santa Maria Novella perfumes

Santa Maria Novella perfumes have five centuries of history and culture. From "Acqua si S.M Novella", the first perfume developed in alcohol by Santa Maria Novella monks specially for Caterina de' Medici Queen of France, to colognes, essences and extracts, all are the fruit of an experienced and meticulous combination of creativity and method.


 Anti-Wrinkle eye contour  gel



An anti -wrinkle eye contour gel rich in natural ingredient , with regenerating and restructuring properties. Paraben free.Reduces puffiness and attenuates lines and wrinkles restoring luminosity to the face.

Instructions : apply daily on clean skin.Rub in delicately starting from the eyelids and moving towards the temples.





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A nourishing and moisturising lip ointment that prevents chapped lips caused by exposure to the elements. It's formula, rich in sesame and apricot oils, is antioxidant and fights wrinkles.

Scent :Vanilla





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Please call us at +61 7 5448 1524 or send us an email