hats & belts

Otilly and Lewis have sourced a selection of hand made hats, each individually designed by an artisan located in the back streets of Milan. Each design has a truly unique feel and the colours sit beautifully in the casual warm Australian climate. This is a truly unique product.

Italian woven Hats  


Designed in Milan and made by artisans all over Italy. These beautiful and stylish hand woven Italian hats are the embodiment of a chic and the relaxed Italian look. The hats come in a variety of styles and colours as the pictures below show. No two hats will ever be exactly the same. Draped over the hats are the range of handwoven Italian belts. They can be as casual or sophisticated as you like, but each belt is truly unique!


To order please call  +61 7 5448 1524 or send us an email.


Hand made artisan raffia belts from Milan, Italy. Available in three styles below.